The world largest SSD Viking UHC-SILO SSD 50TB

Viking Technology introduced the world largest SSD to the market with the capacity up to 50TB. It is a model Ultra-High-Capacity Silo SSD that is available in 2 capacities 25TB and 50 TB, which is a largest SSD in the world bigger than the prior record holder Samsung PM1633a with a capacity 15TB!

FLIR One and FLIR One Pro thermal Imaging Camera for Smartphone

Smartphones in recent years experienced a huge boom. Slowly but surely beginning to replace almost of hardware and in particular to practicality. Today will be no exception, the company had announced a FLIR thermal Imaging Camera for smartphones with the new applications.

New record: Intel Core i7-7740K overclocked to 7.5 GHz

During the recent Computex 2017 EPS, Gigabyte X299 OC Gathering the overclocker trying to “squeeze” the maximum X299 platform. TeamAU team has managed to reach to measure 7.5 GHz Intel Core i7-7740K generation Kaba Lake.

How to mine Bitcoin, what’s Bitcoin miner : cost & benefit?

What is Bitcoin and how does it work?

Bitcoin is the most famous digital currency in the world, coins that are generated by “mining” through intensive calculations that we make from our devices or in the cloud. The price varies depending on supply and demand, there are several alternative currencies to Bitcoin that are generated in a similar way and can be more profitable depending on the market. To store the Bitcoin or other digital coins it is necessary to have a purse either locally or on the web. Bitcoin can be used in stores that accept this currency or change for legal money such as Euros.

AMD introduced new 16 cores processor “Threadripper”.

AMD officially confirmed that it plans to release new CPU with 16 physical cores and 32 threads. It should arrive this summer 2017. AMD wants to compete their processor with better performance than Intel, which is upcoming platform Skylake-X, the Core i9 with 12-cores chip.

Twitter users were increased but still got loss in Q1/2017

Twitter shows the number of their user is significantly regained more users. Their number has increased most sharply for more than last year.

The average number of monthly active users of Twitter in the Q1/2017 was increased by 6% to 328 million users. But its revenue fell by 7.8% to USD 548.3 million (503.44 million euros). The main reason was the reduction in advertising revenues of 11% to 474 million USD.

MasterCard Credit card with built-in fingerprint reader

MasterCard credit cards introduced a revolutionary innovation. It is a new type of payment card, which is integrated with the fingerprint reader.

New credit card with fingerprint reader has the same dimensions as a conventional credit card.

Traditional PC Market is slightly growth in Q1/2017

Manufacturer / company 1Q17 deliveries 1Q17 market share 1Q16 deliveries 1Q16 market share 1Q17 / 1Q16 yoy change
1. HP Inc. 13,143 21.8% 11,621 19.4% 13.1%
2. Lenovo 12,322 20.4% 12,121 20.2% 1.7%
3. Dell 9,573 15.9% 9,017 15.0% 6.2%
4. Apple 4,201 7.0% 4,036 6.7% 4.1%
5. Acer Group 4,121 6.8% 4,006 6.7% 2.9%
other 16,967 28.1% 19,140 31.9% -11.4%
Overall 60.328 100.0% 59,942 100.0% 0.6%
IDC Worldwide Quarterly Tracker Personal Computing Device

Per the latest IDC analysis, the PC market it dawned on better times. Global deliveries for Q1/2017 reached 60.3 million units, increase 0.6% from last Q1/2016

Although an increase of 0.6% is too small and we can say that the market can only keep the volume of supplies from last year.
IDC analysts opinion that a similar trend in the PC market may continue in the future. In the segment of corporate or business computers it is coming true untwisted cycle replacement of equipment.

Tencent : Who is world’s largest gaming company?

Who is the world’s largest gaming company? If calculated by revenue, people may think about Sony, Microsoft or Blizzard, but from China’s Tencent!

Recently, the market research firm Newzoo‘s latest report shows that in 2016, Tencent gaming revenue reached 10.2 billion USD, an increase of 17% over 2015. In the world’s 25 largest listed game companies, Tencend ranked is 1st. Sony ranked 2nd in the $7.84 billion, Activision Blizzard $6.6 billion ranked 3rd.

Xiaomi Announces New Global VP, Manu Kumar Jain

Xiaomi Announces New Global VP ‘Manu Kumar Jain’ who is the former head of the Indian section of the company.

The leader of Xiaomi India is the legitimate successor of Hugo Barra who decided to leave the company to return to work in the United States, alongside Mark Zukemberg.