Tencent : Who is world’s largest gaming company?

Who is the world’s largest gaming company? If calculated by revenue, people may think about Sony, Microsoft or Blizzard, but from China’s Tencent!

Recently, the market research firm Newzoo‘s latest report shows that in 2016, Tencent gaming revenue reached 10.2 billion USD, an increase of 17% over 2015. In the world’s 25 largest listed game companies, Tencend ranked is 1st. Sony ranked 2nd in the $7.84 billion, Activision Blizzard $6.6 billion ranked 3rd.

Xiaomi Announces New Global VP, Manu Kumar Jain

Xiaomi Announces New Global VP ‘Manu Kumar Jain’ who is the former head of the Indian section of the company.

The leader of Xiaomi India is the legitimate successor of Hugo Barra who decided to leave the company to return to work in the United States, alongside Mark Zukemberg.

Reverb: Amazon Alexa available for Android, iOS and macOS

Now you can try Alexa without Amazon Echo: The free app “Reverb” is docked on Amazon’s “Alexa Voice Service” and brings the digital assistant Alexa to numerous end devices. You can try reverb on your iPhone and Android phones.

PAL-V Liberty: The flying car will be delivered end of 2018

PAL-V is a mixture of car and gyrocopter which is scheduled to start production in this year and will be delivered end of 2018.

The “PAL-V Liberty” is a gyrocopter, also known as “Tragschrauber” or “Autogyro”. A propeller engine provides for the necessary propulsion, the rotor is passively driven by the driving wind. This is not a new invention, but has been known since the 1920s. A gyrocopter named “Little Nellie” was already seen in 1967 in the movie “James Bond 007 – You Only live twice”.

Android developer: Share of each version of the Android OS

Website  Android developer public on February 6 about the share of Android OS each version come from data represents of all the devices that visited the Google Play Store in the prior 7 days. Number 1 still be Lollipop version (5.x) has market share at 32.9%. In a relatively close second is the newer generation code-named: Marshmallow (6.x), it on their devices 30.7% of Android owners.

Top 5 mobile phone in China in 2016

IDC shared information about mobile phone market in China in year 2016, for year to year the market grew by 9% total 467.3 million units sold in last year vs 429.9 million units in 2015.

Dominated by domestic brands

Alphabet Inc announced financial results of Q4/2016

Alphabet Inc, the parent company of Google, announced financial results of Q4/2016. The company shows the increasing of revenue and net profit. Remains the driving force of online advertising but got better results also from other divisions.

Facebook officially launches Messenger Ads

Last week, Facebook confirmed that in early of this week will begin to appear in Messenger advertising. The ads will be targeted at consumers and businesses. Fortunately not appear in conversations with friends.

Accenture’s annual forecast: 5 major technology trends in 2017

Accenture, the world’s leading consulting firm, released its annual forecast, called Technology for People’s annual forecast report, that the future of science and technology is people-centered, it believes that human needs will become the rapid development of AI and other technologies the main line. Technology for peoplen and by people, which is a technology that can perfectly predict human needs and provide a highly personalized experience, is now beginning to emerge as a wave of “people-oriented, human-born” technology.

Apple tests new keyboard software in iOS 10.3

Apple just testing the beta version of its operating system iOS 10.3 and one of the testers when browsing beta codes came across some interesting information. In iOS 10.3 is immediately discovered a pair of hidden software keyboards for the iPad.