Monthly Archive:: December 2016

Google releases Chrome for business version

Google is advancing to the last bastion of Internet Explorer and Firefox competitors: companies. With Chrome for businesses, Google now wants to offer a

China’s official announcement of the Long March 9 or Chang Zheng-9 (CZ-9) rocket

Chang Zheng-9 (CZ-9), the 2nd from left

China’s space revealed that China will launch Long March 9 or Chang Zheng-9

Qualcomm announced new CPU: 10nm Snapdragon 835

Qualcomm has just official twitter notice in the CES 2017 about Snapdragon 835 the newest CPU for flagship Smartphone, CEO Moran Cove has Keynote

Best seller Smartphone during US Christmas 2016

Flurry said about 44% of new phones were activated during the holiday season for the iPhone and about 21% for Samsung. Although the iPhone

#MacBook Pro, Apple users switch to Microsoft Surface

Surface broke record sales in November

Microsoft said they achieved its best month in November 2016 with Microsoft Surface products to the public. Thank to

The best and worst serviceable phones in 2016

During several years of iFixit has become the one of the main representatives of the community with instruction for repair of device.

Super Mario Run drew a new record in 4 days with more 40 million download

New game Super Mario Run drew a new record in 4 days with more 40 million download, more than the most popular mobile games

Old love never dies:Apple Vs Nokia restart the patent war again

Apple sued Nokia on Dec 20, 2016. Both companies are waiting for further court proceedings, which may be a quite considerable amounts of money.


Lenovo ZUK Edge, the powerful with reasonable price Smartphone

ZUK is a sub brand of  Lenovo, which had already surprised smartphone with very good price/performance. Today’s news (Lenovo) ZUK Edge is no exception

Lucid Air electric car, New competition for the Tesla Model S

Startup company Lucid Motors, backed by a former Vice President of Tesla Peter Rawlinson, last week unveiled its first car model called “Lucid Air”.