Airbus plan to test their flying car in this year

Airbus last year formed a division called “Urban Air Mobility”, which has been selected only last year. Its task is to find ways of transporting people by airborne vehicles that carry more passengers at once. The idea is that a customer can book through the application space like that of automobile transportation services offering – like as Uber.

Just Uber introduced last year, similar to the concept of moving people in the air, and wants to use aircraft with the technology of vertical take-off and landing VTOL (Vertical Takeoff and Landing). The same technology used also wants Airbus to get the aircraft in densely populated areas and picked up passengers.

Airbus would have to enter production in 2021. In the case of a small prototype will be a flying machine for one passenger to be able to solo flight without a pilot.

Reported from “One hundred years ago, urban transport went underground, now we have the technological wherewithal to go above ground,” Airbus CEO Tom Enders said.

Enders said Airbus, as the world’s largest maker of commercial helicopters, wanted to invest to make the most of new technologies such as autonomous driving and artificial intelligence, to usher in what amounts to an era of flying cars.