Alphabet Inc announced financial results of Q4/2016

Alphabet Inc, the parent company of Google, announced financial results of Q4/2016. The company shows the increasing of revenue and net profit. Remains the driving force of online advertising but got better results also from other divisions.

Profits continue increasing

Alphabet revenue in Q4/2016 is $26.02 billion, increase 22% compare with Q4/2015. According to published reports, this growth was mainly driven from mobile search and YouTube platform.

The company managed to increase the net income $5.33 billion. It is thus to improve by almost 400 million over the previous year and about 300 million compared with Q3/2016.

Google thrives, thriving Alphabet

Staunch pillar in revenue Alphabet remains online advertising and this area falls directly under Google. Advertising revenues in the last quarter of 2016 amounted to $22.4 billion annual growth is 17%.

It increased the number of clicks on the ads 36%, but income from a click, was down by 15%. Total income amounted Google 25.8 billion and net profit of about $7.88 billion.

The total value of sales excluding advertising technology giant completes the “income from other sources”, where in addition to the Play Store and Cloud services include, the sale of hardware.

There appeared in the last quarter, more news when Google introduced devices such as smartphones Google Pixel, domestic assistants Google Home or virtual reality glasses to Google Daydream.

Profits from this region increased year on year by 62 percent to $ 3.4 billion (3.18 billion euros) and compared with  the previous quarter is higher by almost a billion dollars. Exact figures on sales of individual devices, however, have not been disclosed.

Investing for the future

Alphabet also covers projects dealing with technology potentially in the future to revolutionize the market. Such projects include, for example, the development of autonomous vehicles or the pursuit of  global internet penetration by flying balloons.

Revenue from this area compared to the last quarter of 2015 increased from $ 150 million to 262 million. But the most of the projects still got loss total $1.09 billion.