Apple tests new keyboard software in iOS 10.3

Apple just testing the beta version of its operating system iOS 10.3 and one of the testers when browsing beta codes came across some interesting information. In iOS 10.3 is immediately discovered a pair of hidden software keyboards for the iPad.

Tester named Steve Troughton-Smith and his beta iOS 10.3 is indeed discovered a hidden keyboard for iPad. Keyboard design is no different, but the functions and purpose of exploitation. The first of them can shrink into a small square and you can move it around the screen, and moreover should work when you open two apps in a split-screen, and can thus enter into the two “windows” at once.

The second is the keyboard again across the width or length of the iPad, but offers interesting features with gestures, for example, the spacebar to swipe parties and other pieces. Troughton-Smith says that the keyboard are likely to be equipped for use on the iPad, but other sources suggest that they can get on iPhones, anyway, all this to say on iOS 11. Now about the upcoming release of iOS software we will find out in June at WWDC, so at the final form have to wait but now it looks very interesting.