Bluetooth 5 is official released 2X faster, 4X longer range

Bluetooth is an excellent wireless communication system. Massively used in Smartphones and tablets, integrated office in most laptops, the format is particularly suitable for driving short-range devices. headsets, mouse, speakers. But as soon as one begins to consider a wireless remote communication, it leans more toward WiFi. With bluetooth 5.0 this idea could change.

With Bluetooh 5.0, that could change. The promise of this new section that appears after a Bluetooth 4.2 LE, it’s a big evolution of its possibilities: The Bluetooth Special Interest Group promises that this new format will have a range 4X longer than the 4.2 LE, which is expected to least push a signal beyond 10 meters. The new Bluetooth 5.0 will also be 2X more speed and can carry 8X more information.

For this it was necessary to increase the signal range since the distances between each device in Home Automation base can blithely exceed the capabilities of current Bluetooth format. With the new standard, the communication will be easier between these devices.

HD camera data can be sent via these signals which was not the case before. And finally, it was necessary that all these signals do not cause interference problems, which is the last promise of Bluetooth 5.0 format. All while maintaining very low power consumption compared to WiFi and especially does not necessarily require the same hardware logic to control the object.

Bluetooth 5.0 to internet help?

We have seen in recent months, most attacks against Internet services were launched by Botnet which are in fact connected objects poorly (or not at all) secure. Clearly, viruses created by hackers spread on the network, infect devices such as IP webcam, connected fridges or routers and take control by changing their firmware. The user does not see the difference but the camera can be activated for a mass attack of DDOS type seeking to access a particular IP address. By multiplying the sources of these attacks, the botnet can successfully bring down services, web sites or web hosts.

This is a real concern because the attacks can cause real damage and even cause things even worse if they paralyze a power station, a hospital or other connected services. The common point of these attacks is the massive use of products connected wifi insecure. Many IP camera owners keep its original ID and choose a basic password that viruses have no trouble piercing.