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AMD introduced new 16 cores processor “Threadripper”.

AMD officially confirmed that it plans to release new CPU with 16 physical cores and 32 threads. It should arrive this summer 2017.

Twitter users were increased but still got loss in Q1/2017

Twitter shows the number of their user is significantly regained more users. Their number has increased most sharply for more than

Traditional PC Market is slightly growth in Q1/2017

Manufacturer / company 1Q17 deliveries 1Q17 market share 1Q16 deliveries 1Q16 market share 1Q17 / 1Q16 yoy change
1. HP Inc. 13,143 21.8% 11,621 19.4% 13.1%
2. Lenovo 12,322 20.4% 12,121 20.2% 1.7%
3. Dell 9,573 15.9% 9,017 15.0% 6.2%
4. Apple 4,201 7.0% 4,036 6.7% 4.1%
5. Acer Group 4,121 6.8% 4,006 6.7% 2.9%
other 16,967 28.1% 19,140 31.9% -11.4%
Overall 60.328 100.0% 59,942 100.0% 0.6%
IDC Worldwide Quarterly Tracker Personal Computing Device

Per the latest IDC analysis, the PC market it dawned on better times. Global deliveries for Q1/2017 reached

Tencent : Who is world’s largest gaming company?

Who is the world’s largest gaming company? If calculated by revenue, people may think about Sony, Microsoft or Blizzard,

Xiaomi Announces New Global VP, Manu Kumar Jain

Xiaomi Announces New Global VP ‘Manu Kumar Jain’ who is the former head of the Indian section of the company.

The leader of Xiaomi India

Reverb: Amazon Alexa available for Android, iOS and macOS

Now you can try Alexa without Amazon Echo: The free app “Reverb” is docked on Amazon’s “Alexa Voice Service” and brings the digital assistant

PAL-V Liberty: The flying car will be delivered end of 2018

PAL-V is a mixture of car and gyrocopter which is scheduled to start production in this year and will be delivered end of 2018.


Android developer: Share of each version of the Android OS

Website  Android developer public on February 6 about the share of Android OS each version come from data represents of all the

Top 5 mobile phone in China in 2016

IDC shared information about mobile phone market in China in year 2016, for year to year the market grew by 9% total 467.3 million

Alphabet Inc announced financial results of Q4/2016

Alphabet Inc, the parent company of Google, announced financial results of Q4/2016. The company shows the increasing of revenue and net profit.