China’s official announcement of the Long March 9 or Chang Zheng-9 (CZ-9) rocket

Chang Zheng-9 (CZ-9), the 2nd from left

China’s space revealed that China will launch Long March 9 or Chang Zheng-9 (CZ-9) rocket in next 3-5 years, the development of non-toxic, pollution-free, medium-sized launch vehicle, improve the new generation of carrier rocket spectrum, to further enhance reliability.

At the same time, China will carry out heavy-lift launch vehicle key technology research and program demonstration, breaking the heavy launch vehicle overall, large thrust oxygen kerosene engine, hydrogen and oxygen engine and other key technologies to start the heavy launch vehicle project implementation.

Deputy director of the China National Space Administration Second Northwest said, China is initiating the development of the next generation of heavy launch vehicle research, to be named “Long Nine” or Chang Zheng-9 (CZ-9), planned around 2030 for first flight.

The future, China will carry out the 500-ton liquid oxygen kerosene engine, hydrogen engine 200-ton, 10-meter diameter large rocket body structure, key technologies is expected to complete 10 years of engineering development, achieve Low Earth Orbit (LEO) carrying capacity from 25 tons to 100-ton leap forward.

Also at the end of May this year, National Space Agency Tian Yulong also have mentioned the Long March 8, it is a new type sun synchronous orbit rocket, is currently in the demonstration phase.

The past two years, China has successfully achieved the Long March 11, 7, 6, 5 and other new rockets first flight.