Facebook officially launches Messenger Ads

Last week, Facebook confirmed that in early of this week will begin to appear in Messenger advertising. The ads will be targeted at consumers and businesses. Fortunately not appear in conversations with friends.

Messenger users will see ads if initiate a chat with a particular brand, but this test operation will not create conversation itself. This type of advertising should come up in this week.

Facebook Offers small test ads in Australia and Thailand, it gives companies a chance to try out a system that puts their advertising on the home screen Messenger directly under the “recent conversations”.

Facebook took this step based on the demand from individual companies, which they think have the Messenger huge potential to reach many customers and build brand names.

It is important to note that people testing these ads will be able to report and hide the drop down menu. The good news is that advertisers will not be able to write until their advertising open.

Facebook hopes to get plenty of feedback and will in the coming months to extend the feature to other countries.