FLIR One and FLIR One Pro thermal Imaging Camera for Smartphone

Smartphones in recent years experienced a huge boom. Slowly but surely beginning to replace almost of hardware and in particular to practicality. Today will be no exception, the company had announced a FLIR thermal Imaging Camera for smartphones with the new applications.

FLIR thermal Imaging Camera has two versions: FLIR One and FLIR One Pro. Both can connect with the USB-C connecter of the phone, which due to its construction excluded microUSB. The reason we do not have time to look, just in case USB-C Cameras can be connected on both sides.

During the development of thermal imager thought FLIR and a relatively important details. One of them is the wheel that allows you to extend the USB connector. Using thermal imagers therefore will not impede the housing or cover on the phone. Another feature is the built-in battery that can keep the device itself alive for about 1 hour, then begins to eat away from the phone battery.

Surely you will be interested in the difference between the two versions of thermal imagers. That is to say twice, but let’s clarify it more. FLIR One offers a sensor resolution of 80 x 60 px while the version with the addition of FLIR ONE PRO has resolution of 160 x 120 px. The difference is also the maximum temperature readable. FLIR One keeps up to 120 °C, while the FLIR One Pro raises the bar to 400 °C.

Finally, the price tag of FLIR One is 199 dollars. For a better version, FLIR One Pro had come with 399 dollars. Currently you can pre-order both models, with the fact that many owners will also see sometime in the summer.

Detail per FLIR.COM