Google Chrome is winner of web browser market share published the market share of web browsers for desktop computers in December 2016. The figures show that market share of Google Chrome is already more than a half 56.43%, Microsoft’s products: Internet Explorer was reduced from last year from more 40% to 20.83% and Edge Browser is slowly increasing from 2.79% to 5.3% after released in Dec 2015.

Firefox browser from Mozilla was almost no change. In December 2015 was 12.13%, and Dec 2016 it was 12.22%.

From the trend in last year, it seem like Internet Explorer was continue lost their users to Chrome and some users switch to Edge we can see the trend of both Chrome and Edge after July 2016 to December 2016, they were increasing in the same trend. However, Microsoft  is constantly seeking to improve Edge, which already supports extensions. The browser has been added a new compression algorithm, which should ensure a faster loading pages.