Google Keyboard app is rebranded to be Gboard

Google introduced its Gboard for iOS sometime ago but Android users didn’t get until now, they get good news! New Google keyboard is now available for download.

Google renamed its version 6.0, Google keyboard to be Gboard. At present, should be slowly getting to users via the Google Play store, though the description or name in business has not changed. As is customary, it will take about a week to get this update to all users. If you do not wait, download the APK from the site

Gboard for Android provides an extra line numbers (if you have it enabled in the settings), and allows you to enter text in three languages simultaneously. This feature has long been a competitive advantage for keyboard SwiftKey. Appreciate it mostly users who routinely used for communication in more than one language and keyboard SwiftKey they do not like.

Gesture typing is renamed Glide, whatever the reason, and partly panel was doctored with smiles, who now have around bright glare. GIF button will be displayed every time, but is inactive in applications that do not support inserting GIFs.

If you enable this setting, the keyboard will appear G button, which gives you access to fast search. If it is not enabled, the pop-up toolbar settings themes mode for typing with one hand and search.