Google releases Chrome for business version

Google is advancing to the last bastion of Internet Explorer and Firefox competitors: companies. With Chrome for businesses, Google now wants to offer a simple and broadly scrollable, detailed, controllable and user-friendly, ultimately secure Internet interface for corporate environments.

“Chrome can be adapted to the needs of your organization through more than 200 guidelines,” the company said. “Ask about an Admin Console, which extensions can use employees, make proxy server.”

Especially for companies, Google phone and e-mail support, and also helps in the installation, the management and configuration in the enterprise network (not worldwide).

Google had already in recent months Internet Explorer as the standard superseded in companies . Microsoft’s Edge browser was among other things a response to the strong competition by Google.

This makes Google the best way to become a browser monopoly, which it once displaced in the form of Microsoft Internet Explorer. Only IE was a bad piece of code at the time, and Google’s Chrome was much better for user and developer. One would almost be glad, Chrome would be worse.

Source:Google engadget