Huawei Roadmap 2018 with 13 smartphones will be launched

Huawei plans to send its current flagships Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro, Mate 10 Lite to the markets in the first quarter. per the roadmap it will other new series Maya and Salina. The sub-brand Honor will introduces Honor 1. Besides phones, it also introduces the Wi-Fi router B618. The new 360 ° camera with accessory is also available on the market under the name Huawei Scale. The Huawei A2 Band fitness bracelet will also in roadmap.

In the Q2, Huawei will introduce the P series which will include three models Huawei P, P Plus and P Lite. Here it was not stated whether they are P11 series models. Honor will introduce another model Honor 2 and in other quarter Q3 come with Honor 3 in Q4 – Honor 4. For this year, will have another router – B525.