Hugo Barra leaves Xiaomi and returns back to Silicon Valley

Hugo Barra announced on his Facebook, his desire to leave Xiaomi the giant Chinese company. Officially, he says he would like to resume his life in the Silicon Valley and to find there his family and his friends. As a shareholder of the company, Hugo Barra will become an advisor to Xiaomi for an indefinite period. This role of consultant seems above all to be given honorific.

According to Hugo Barra, the internationalization of Xiaomi is on track, the brand has launched in over 20 markets such as Russia, Mexico, India and Poland, and the Xiaomi first product was released in the US in partnership with Google.

The co-founder of Xiaomi, Bin Lin, said in the comments that Xiang Wang, who currently runs the production chains and patents of the brand, will resume the role of director of development of the Xiaomi brand internationally.

New adventures in the smartphone?

He announces that he will officially leave Xiaomi in February, after the Chinese New Year, a very important trade period for the brand. After a rest period, he will take part in a new adventure in Silicon Valley.

Impossible for the moment to know what it is. Maybe Hugo Barra will join his former colleague and friend Andy Rubin, co-founder of Android, which is soon to introduce a new smartphone.