Lucid Air electric car, New competition for the Tesla Model S

Startup company Lucid Motors, backed by a former Vice President of Tesla Peter Rawlinson, last week unveiled its first car model called “Lucid Air”. Luxury sedan that uses electric drive should be carried out, the comfort and the technology used mainly to compete with the car Tesla Model S.

Unveiling the prototype model Air, which was announced in October 2016, it took place at a special event in California in Fremont. The Company has published additional information through the official website and by news reported the portal Tech Crunch.

Electric with respectable-run

Engineers from Lucid Motors developed the first car of the new electric powertrains. Lucid Air motors offer the combined power of up to 1000 hp.

The standard model has electric vehicle equipped with a 100 kWh battery and electric range on a single charge at 480 km. The offer should be a version with a 130 kWh battery, such energy has yet respectable enough for 640 kilometers.

Acceleration from 0 to 97 km/h (60 miles/h) only in 2.5 seconds. Part of electric equipment will complete hardware needed for fully autonomous driving. To ensure that this feature will be present LIDAR sensors, radar and cameras.

Luxury sedan further offerings include a huge front panel display, voice control and audio system with 29 speakers.

It will not be cheap

Production of electric car would be launched sometime in the year 2018 after getting the new factory in Phoenix, Arizona. Lucid Air final price has not been announced, but it is said the price tag starting at $100 thousand dollars, or about 96 thousand euros. The company currently offers the possibility to reserve a car, and to secure one of the first 255 units, the candidate paste deposit 25,500 dollars.