Microsoft bought Maluuba, the Canadian AI start up

Microsoft has officially confirmed the acquisition of the Canadian startup “Maluuba”. Startup focuses on the field of artificial intelligence and a better understanding of the natural human language.

Yoshua Bengio will also become Part of Microsoft, he is known as experts in the field. Bengio will hold an advisory capacity and work directly with the Executive Vice President of AI division Harry Shum.

Plus, the Yoshua Bengio became famous mainly work on machine learning and neural networks.

The reason for the connection is according to both companies have the same vision of the future of artificial intelligence and its applications. Representative’s startup Maluuba also refers to the Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure as the primary means of raising AI.

Finally, let us mention that Microsoft has in recent years bought several companies working with some form of artificial intelligence. The most notable being the acquisitions of Aorato, Equivio FieldOne Gene and SwiftKey.