Old love never dies:Apple Vs Nokia restart the patent war again

Apple sued Nokia on Dec 20, 2016. Both companies are waiting for further court proceedings, which may be a quite considerable amounts of money.

If you might remember some, Nokia sued Apple for the first time in 2009 for violating several patents with the iPhone. After several hard court firefights, but after two years in 2011, the two companies colluded with it, but now patent disputes begin again.

Apple on Tuesday sued the company Acacia Research and Intellectual Property Management Conversant because of alleged collusion with the Finnish Nokia, which is said to be the company to recover the excessive royalties.

But Nokia is now back on Wednesday protested. Specifically, the Finns sued Apple of infringing 32 patents (in areas such as display, user interface, software, antennas and video encoding).

Until we know more details, it makes no sense to go into detail. Anyway, the Nokia next year returning to the market with smartphones that has ever been imagined in the first half of the year. Themes of the two defendants’ companies, which together again heading to court.