Reverb: Amazon Alexa available for Android, iOS and macOS

Now you can try Alexa without Amazon Echo: The free app “Reverb” is docked on Amazon’s “Alexa Voice Service” and brings the digital assistant Alexa to numerous end devices. You can try reverb on your iPhone and Android phones.

If you want to use Alexa, do not necessarily need an Amazon Echo but can now use your an existing smartphone or a computer to do so. The desired terminal is converted with “Reverb” into a kind of virtual echo dot. How is that possible? The developers of the app access the “Alexa Voice Service API” programming interface, which provides Alexa skills.

Reverb is currently available for macOS, iOS and Android but Windows version is not available. We have been able to easily install the app, the only condition is the login to the Amazon account. After that reverb or rather Alexa is starting.