Traditional PC Market is slightly growth in Q1/2017

Manufacturer / company 1Q17 deliveries 1Q17 market share 1Q16 deliveries 1Q16 market share 1Q17 / 1Q16 yoy change
1. HP Inc. 13,143 21.8% 11,621 19.4% 13.1%
2. Lenovo 12,322 20.4% 12,121 20.2% 1.7%
3. Dell 9,573 15.9% 9,017 15.0% 6.2%
4. Apple 4,201 7.0% 4,036 6.7% 4.1%
5. Acer Group 4,121 6.8% 4,006 6.7% 2.9%
other 16,967 28.1% 19,140 31.9% -11.4%
Overall 60.328 100.0% 59,942 100.0% 0.6%
IDC Worldwide Quarterly Tracker Personal Computing Device

Per the latest IDC analysis, the PC market it dawned on better times. Global deliveries for Q1/2017 reached 60.3 million units, increase 0.6% from last Q1/2016

Although an increase of 0.6% is too small and we can say that the market can only keep the volume of supplies from last year.
IDC analysts opinion that a similar trend in the PC market may continue in the future. In the segment of corporate or business computers it is coming true untwisted cycle replacement of equipment.

The consumer PCs is admittedly difficult situation, but is expected to increase for the gaming devices (eg equipped with new graphics) as well as the market for tablets and smartphone is becoming more saturated – it gives a chance to the computer, especially if you offer attractive features (and price).

Computers do not definitely won. IDC points out that the PC market in the United States recorded the first three months of this year (slight) decline.

Perhaps more interesting change occurred, looking at the ranking of individual manufacturers. In the first place it had changed from Lenovo group to HP, which has led in recent quarters. It’s first time since the Q1 of 2013, HP jumped in the first place because HP has growth more 13% but others in top 5 have growth just in single digit, HP 1.7%, Dell 6.2%, Apple 4.1% and Acer 2.9%.

However, all top 5 computer manufacturers still have growth but rest manufactures are declined  -11.4%.