What I should buy between Samsung Galaxy S8 Vs Apple iPhone X?

Consumer Reports came up with a message where they tried to carefully analyze the convenience of buying the iPhone X and compare it to premium Samsung phone S8. The result of the study is to state that the iPhone X is not so great a purchase.

If you have accidentally skipped an annotation and you are stuck in the head just the title of the article and you are going to tell us in the comments, so stay still. With this result, colleagues from Consumer Reports have been trying to help users select their devices through unbiased reviews. The point is that the customer can better decide whether to buy a smartphone, and to have a more comprehensive overview of the device.

And as it turns out, the iPhone X (review) seems to be a worse purchase than the Galaxy S8 (review) or Galaxy S8+ (review) and even surpassed the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. Measurement methodology was not completely in the sense of performance/price/utility value, but rather a real benefit for the customer at a given price and possible costs incurred in terms of the resilience of the equipment. So the iPhone X clearly dominated the “display” and “camera” categories, when the display was praised for true color rendition and readability, and the camera was found to be the best one on the smartphones currently available. Similarly, Consumer Reports notes that Face ID functions “very efficiently” and unlocks the phone quickly.

And what are the minuses? Lower battery life, lower durability and high phone cost versus competitors, and higher repairs prices. For example, to repair a damaged iPhone X screen, you can pay up to 32 USD and damage back or inner components is up to 552 USD. On the other hand, how much does a Galaxy S8 display fix? About 276 to 368 USD? This is not too much either. Replace the back cover to 92 to 138 USD. So yes, from a general point of view, it is cheaper for Samsung, but the “S8” itself is not as well resilient.

However, this is the final verdict on best buy. In the first place Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 + and S7 are followed by iPhones 8 and 8 Plus. Behind them comes Note 8 and iPhone X. For Note 8, the reasons are similar. Relatively high price and great “brittleness” of the device.