Xiaomi Announces New Global VP, Manu Kumar Jain

Xiaomi Announces New Global VP ‘Manu Kumar Jain’ who is the former head of the Indian section of the company.

The leader of Xiaomi India is the legitimate successor of Hugo Barra who decided to leave the company to return to work in the United States, alongside Mark Zukemberg.

Manu Jain, former co-founder of the fashion e-commerce site Jabong.com, leads Xiaomi operations on India market since 2014, collecting impressive results and leading the company to become the industry leader in the country.

The successor of Barra will be up to the task in an expansion phase as delicate as the one that Xiaomi is experiencing? As we know the saturation of the Chinese market, due to many other companies that have adopted the business model of Xiaomi have led to a reduction in the growth of domestic sales volumes, forcing the giant to explore new realities in West.

Europe is now officially the objective of Xiaomi, which has already landed in Poland (with coverage of some other Eastern European countries).